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We are driven to fulfil goals and ambitions

With a global perspective to crypto trading and mining, our service delivery and investment management best practices reveal that we play a key role in investors’ lives, which provides a solid foundation for our core brand idea and value proposition – ‘Realising Ambitions‘.

Our ready-to-use cryptocurrencies investment solutions have been developed by experts with long-standing experience and allow even the most novice of investors profitably invest their funds. Structured Products have extremely high protection from risks, whilst being able to yield returns of up to 200%.

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ICT Research & Development

is on the forefront of Industry
with our core focus on Next-Generation IoT, Cyber and Telecom Technologies.

We are developing innovative solutions to mobile operators and enterprises to enhance and extend their wireless communications networks. It provides expert commentary and authoritative analysis, incorporating both fixed and mobile communications services and focus on understanding todays business models in integrated telecom market space.

Through the ICT Research & Development Foundation, we promote a vision of innovation and technology as social enablers, supporting projects in the fields of digital education and rural empowerment. As a result of the companys social and environmental commitment, we have been working towards developing Sustainable environment development.

Our Skill And Expertise

Working alongside NDJ Telecom. for your technology and product training goals will open up measurable business benefits. You ll have on-demand professional expertise and the flexibility to scale up or down as your business requirements change, complete with the reassurance of transparent, fixed costs for training. Whether you are looking for course development, a customized Learning Management System or online access to a huge range of quality assured training courses and learning tools, we can offer managed learning services to meet your organisations specific requirements and budget.

Why choose us

We offer cost effective packages of online training content for individuals, teams and tailored enterprise solutions.


Professionals with the relevant skills to match


What our Clients Say ?

Our beloved customer's comment on us

Elsevier Gilbert

Elsevier Gilbert

NDJ Telecom has provided me with the perfect grounding and structure to help me achieve my goals and deliver my targets. The available support allow me to interact, while learning skills and strategies which can be applied to other field of studies. From the very first contact with NDJ Telecom   I received very friendly, helpful and prompt service, along with accurate and realistic tutor online.

Daniel Mazoney

Daniel Mazoney

I believe that the service you provide is excellent and helps make the telecom training process stress-free. You have always communicated well with us, and you are always willing to go the extra mile.

McKnight Stone

McKnight Stone

NDJ Telecom is a one stop solution for telecom learning success. They are prompt and have excellent service, with bundle of information on telecom training, which really makes NDJ telecom a class apart from others in this field.

Pauline Therly

Pauline Therly

This was extremely beneficial since I was seeking a for a training online. They provided me with reliable information, telecom tips, and orientation to their programme packages. Most importantly the whole process was completely transparent. NDJ Telecom operates in a highly professional manner balanced with a personal touch. I highly recommend their services to any telecom training without any reservation.

Andrew Wilmart

Andrew Wilmart

If one of my friends introduced me to NDJ TELECOM. The emphasis on finding a perfect Training ground helped so much in making my studies as seamless as possible. I couldn’t be happier. And I never waited even a day for a response to my questions . The advice has been spot on.

Nicky Dunn

Nicky Dunn

My experience with NDJ Telecom was life-changing. From the very beginning the tutors team were entirely committed to my leaning dream. They assisted me to overcome all obstacles. Always supportive and realistic, they gave me the confidence I needed to be where I am today. Simple but generous gestures, like setting up my goals.

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